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    How To Knit A Chunky Sofa Throw

    How To Knit A Chunky Sofa Throw

    Who doesn’t love a cosy night in, snuggled with a hot chocolate and a cosy blanket?

    With the nights drawing in, the weather changing and the clocks going back, the idea of getting comfy with a soft, chunky sofa throw is even more appealing.

    Chunky, hand-knit sofa throws have become increasingly popular over the past year and finding the perfect style to match your interior can be difficult, so what better way to get around that, than making your own!

    This quick and easy, step-by-step guide will help you make your very own chunky knit throw in just one afternoon.

    All you will need is one ball of giant yarn. We sourced ours from Wool Couture and used 3kg of the natural grey. This is unspun, pure merino yarn and ended up being perfect for this project. The 3kg ball made a blanket roughly 50×50 inches. If you are looking at making a larger or smaller blanket you can size your yarn ball up or down accordingly. The only other piece of equipment you will need are your arms! These will act as your very own knitting needles.

    Casting on-

    To start you will need to tie a loop at the end of the yarn and slip that over your right wrist.

    With the knot under your wrist and your palm facing you, lay the yarn from the back over your hand to the front into the palm.

    Pass your left hand through the loop under your wrist, ensuring the yarn nearest the ball is on the right side of your left wrist.

    Grab the yarn length and pull it back through the loop your left hand has come through, allowing the loop to slide off your right hand in the process.

    With the loop just made, place that over your right wrist, creating two stitches.

    Repeat these steps to create 16 stitches on your right arm.

    You have now cast on!

    To continue knitting-

    Wrap the yarn around your right thumb and make a fist to hold the yarn.

    Taking the next stitch along, pass this over your fist and the yarn you are holding in your right hand.

    You will have now created a loop that is being held in your right hand, pass this over your left wrist to create your first stitch.

    Continue these steps until all the loops are on your left arm.

    You have now completed your first row.

    Continuing knitting, repeating the same steps for each row, passing the yarn loops from left to right until you reach towards the end of the yarn.

    *Ensure to leave enough yarn to cast off, any excess can be trimmed at the end*

    Casting off-

    To finish your sofa throw start by grabbing the length of yarn with the hand that has all the stitches on. (In our case this was the right hand)

    Make two stitches in the same way as you had on the previous rows.

    Pass the first stitch over the top of the second stitch and slide that off of your hand, leaving a single stitch.

    Repeat these steps until all the stitches are off of your arm and a single stitch is left.

    To finish your sofa throw pull the remaining yarn through this single stitch and tie it off.

    Any excess yarn can now be trimmed to give the perfect finish.

    The finished throw is the perfect addition to your sofa or bed. With super-soft merino yarn, you can’t help but cuddle up to it.

    Arm knitting is an extremely therapeutic and relaxing DIY project, with the finished product being achieved easily in an afternoon or evening.

    Our throw, with a 3kg ball of yarn, took just two hours to make, so pop your favourite film on, grab some snacks, get comfy on the sofa and get knitting!

    Watch the full video here:

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